Cooking with Wood

Cooking with wood is one of the most timeless traditions around. For thousands of years, people have used wood as a fuel source to cook delicious food.

While microwaves, electric ovens, and gas grills may be quicker and more convenient, they can’t compare to the incredible flavor that comes from cooking with wood.

If you’re looking to reconnect with countless generations of cooks, impress your friends and neighbors with your grilling skills, or just make delicious food for your own plate, then you’re in luck. We’ve brought together a number of resources that will help beginners and experts alike improve their skills and become backyard BBQ masters.

Ready to Start Cooking with Wood?

If you truly want to be a backyard legend and cook the best food around, then you need to start with the best wood available. You wouldn’t settle for low quality ingredients, and your fuel source is just as important for cooking food to the perfect temperature, consistency, and flavor!

Fortunately, Cutting Edge Firewood has you covered. We deliver the best cooking wood available. Each piece is hand selected and our chunks and splits are hand cut to the perfect size.

We also make receiving the cooking wood easier than ever before – we ship nationwide! We offer complimentary delivery on most cooking wood products, so try some out today!


Cherry Cooking Wood Rack


The Cutting Edge Firewood Rack is for the serious BBQ chef. The rack is 4’ tall x 2’ wide and includes about 100 logs that are approximately 16” in length. Perfect for full-sized smokers or open pit cooking. Learn more about shipping racks of wood >>

Firewood Delivery - everything you need is in the box


All of our species and cuts of cooking wood are available in boxes. These make them easier to ship or deliver, plus they make your life easy when you want to carry some wood to the grill or smoker. Try a box of Cooking Chunks, Cooking Splits, Pizza Cut, or standard logs today!