FAQ: Wood Cooking

Meat and Spices: How to Find the Right Balance on the Grill

Any outdoor chef – whether they’re professional or a home cook – will tell you that the right spices are one of the most important parts of cooking a great dish. Even if you cook the perfect rack of ribs or fry up the most well-cooked piece of chicken, it’s probably going to taste lackluster […]

What Does Applewood Smoked Mean?

Applewood-smoked foods have become increasingly popular in recent years. From pork ribs and beef brisket to fish, chicken and steak, it offers a delicious flavor that's simply not found elsewhere. But what exactly does "applewood smoked" mean? If you're trying to grasp the concept of this culinary term, keep reading for an in-depth explanation of [...]

Cooking at Home? Here are 8 Epic Recipe ideas

It's no secret that we love good food. Not only does it taste great, but delicious food brings people together and can provide comfort during stressful times. But eating good food doesn't require you to go to a restaurant. In fact, we think some of the best food can be cooked at home and over [...]

What Kind of Cooking Wood Should I Use? [Video]

The art of cooking with wood has been around for thousands of years. Although modern conveniences like microwaves and electric ovens have made cooking easier and quicker, they haven't necessarily done us any favors when it comes to flavors. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why cooking with wood has become so popular again. [...]

What Does Hickory Smoked Mean?

Hickory smoked food has a bold flavor that brings sweet and savory together and that compliments a wide variety of meats. Many people compare it to a combination of maple and mesquite. It's sweet like maple yet still offers the distinct smokey flavor that so many people love. But what exactly does "hickory smoked" mean, [...]

Is Seasoned Wood Good for Cooking?

Cooking over a wood-burning fire is one of time's oldest traditions. It offers a delicious, mouthwatering flavor that's simply not found in the oven, microwave, stove, or even with charcoal fires. From steaks and pork chops to hamburgers, hot dogs, seafood and vegetables, you can cook just about any food over a wood-burning fire. But [...]

Innovative Summer Hot Dog & Sausage Recipes

In an earlier post, we talked about creative twists on one of summer’s fireside staples: s’mores. But s’mores aren’t the only fare you might be cooking up with your high-quality roasting forks this season. For many fire pit enthusiasts, hot dogs and sausages are often just as important to a summer menu as s’mores. After all, […]

How Firewood Can Affect Food Flavor

The right firewood can make a world of difference in the flavor of your cooked meats and vegetables. All types of firewood produce heat and smoke when burned. Some, however, produce more than others. And the flavor created by the smoke varies depending on the type of firewood used. Whether you’re cooking steaks, hamburgers, hot […]

8 Gift Ideas for BBQ Enthusiasts

We love the holidays. It’s a great time for families and friends to get together, make memories, and share food, fun, and stories. We also love good BBQ. Grilling or smoking food is an amazing way to make delicious food and we can’t get enough. Odds are, you (or someone you know) loves cooking outside […]