What is the best place to store firewood?

Convenience, aesthetics, and longevity are the three factors to consider when storing wood. You will get the best value out of your firewood by having it easily accessible, displayed beautifully, and kept dry. This can be in a variety of locations both indoors or outdoors, just be sure to keep the wood from direct contact with water.

Can you store firewood in a garage?

The garage is one of the most popular places to store firewood as it is dry and convenient. Unfortunately, most standard firewood carries pests, which can be devastating to a home. Our wood products are kiln dried and guaranteed pest free, so you can easily store Cutting Edge wood products from your garage to the living room.

Can I store firewood inside/in a basement?

The basement is a great option for firewood storage. Unfortunately, most standard firewood carries pests, which can be devastating to a home. Our wood products are kiln dried and guaranteed pest free, so you can easily store Cutting Edge wood products in your basement, or any room in your home.

How should firewood be stored outside?

It is important to store firewood off of the ground (to deter the wood from collecting moisture, which can attract insects and rotting) and covered (to keep your wood dry). The most preferable method of storing wood is on a firewood rack. Be sure to check out our custom racks, which keep your firewood off the ground, organized and beautifully covered.

How much firewood should I buy?

One order is a half-faced cord, which is 4ft x 4ft of firewood. Our average customer gets 2 orders of firewood a season, but our orders vary from a half order to as much as 13 orders per season. We are always available to help you determine the right amount of wood, so give us a call today!

What is the difference between oak and hickory?

Oak is typically the go-to choice for a first kiln dried firewood experience. Its low emissions and ability to light quickly and burn through the night always exceeds our customers’ expectations. Hickory has a more dense and vibrant composition, providing a hotter, prettier, and longer burn along with an aroma that is preferred by most.

Does it cost extra to have firewood delivered or stacked?

Our complimentary Artisan Delivery Service includes delivery and stacking the firewood to your preference.

Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?

As long as we have access to where you would like us to stack the firewood, it is not required that anyone is home. If you are a first time customer, it is recommended to clearly mark where we are putting the firewood or firewood rack, if it is not clear.

What are the Uncut Rounds purpose?

The main purpose of Uncut Rounds is convenience. They are 24″ unsplit logs used for firewood. Each log usually burns between 2-5 hours. However, they are difficult to start before you have a hot fire burning. We recommend using our hickory to get a hot fire burning, and then placing an Uncut Round on the fire. Then sit back and enjoy. For large fire pits, some may enjoy using 2-3 Uncut Rounds for a large, long lasting fire. They are particularly meant for medium to large fireplaces and fire pits.

What does our Complementary Delivery Artisan Service Include?

First and foremost, it means you receive unparalleled service. It includes delivery, our patent pending stacking service, clean up, and it means the Delivery Artisan is an expert that can answer your questions or start a fire for you.

What is a full order of firewood equal to in terms of face cords?

One order of firewood is half a face cord, which measures approximately 21 & 1/3 cubic feet. When stacked, this will measure 4′ by 4′.

Do I need a fire starter if I have a gas starter?

It is less of a question of need and more of a question of convenience. We can start a fire with our kiln dried firewood and a single match, but that is not the most convenient way to start a fire. Gas burns at a much lower temperature than wood, so it is optimal to start with a fire starter such as our aromatic Heart Pine. We recommend using the fire starter to start kindling, then move to the larger logs for the best experience.

What is a Delivery Artisan?

Delivery Artisans provide luxurious white glove firewood delivery services, resulting in perfectly stacked firewood to a specified location in airbrushed, patent pending, exclusive firewood racks featuring covers made of high-quality canvas. Delivery Artisans deliver perfectly stacked, ready to use firewood with expert firewood knowledge every time. The first fire can be started for you so you can learn how to have the best firewood experience.

Where is the firewood showroom located?

6900 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suite E<br>
Norcross, GA 30071<br>
Please call prior to schedule your visit.