Life has a way of moving fast, but we often make the greatest memories during the slow moments.

If you’re looking for a way to slow down, relax, or connect with your family at home then we have you covered.

We’re writing this article during the Covid-19 pandemic, so many of you are already spending more time around the house and anxiety levels are understandably higher. We think these ideas will help families make the best of a hard situation, but we also know that these will be effective ways to relax and connect for years to come!

1) Watch a Fire

This is a very simple, straightforward way to relax. We’re not just saying this because we deliver firewood, it’s actually backed by scientific research. Watching a fire can lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. “Findings confirm that hearth and campfires induce relaxation as part of a multi-sensory, absorptive, and social experience.”

Fire that stays lit

People have gathered around fires for thousands of years, and for good reason. Everything about the fire works to help us relax – watching the flames dance, listening to the crackle of the wood, enjoying the aroma, and feeling the warmth are all great for our mental health. It also helps us disconnect from technology and talk and listen to the people closest to us.

If you’re looking to build a fire during warmer months, don’t be afraid to take it outside to the fire pit. We also recommend giving our cherry firewood a try, it has a great aroma and burns at a cooler temperature than hickory or oak firewood.

2) Connect through Questions

Whether you are hanging out by the fire, dinner table, or living room, questions are a great way to spark conversation and learn new things about people you love. The answers you hear from your spouse or kids might surprise you!

You can obviously make your own questions up, but sometimes it can help to use some existing ones. We like this list of 20 Conversation Starters while Camping or this list of 20 Questions when you are stuck at home.

3) Make S’mores

Cooking s’mores is fun and delicious. It is an important skill for children and adults everywhere.

And if you want it to be even more memorable, then get creative with your s’more ingredients! Use chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers, try Reese’s instead of Hershey’s, or make a double stack with extra marshmallow!

The Ultimate Guide to S'mores

If you want advice or ideas on improving your s’mores game, then make sure you checkout our ultimate guide to making the perfect s’more.

4) Exercise

They say that chopping firewood warms you up twice – once when you chop the wood and then again when you make the fire. Since we take care of the chopping and stacking of the firewood (and provide the best quality), you now have free time to do exercise that is actually fun!

Go for a walk, go for a run, play with your pets (they need exercise too!), join a workout online, play freeze tag, go for a swim, lift some weights. Pick your favorite activity and go for it! This study from Harvard shows how exercise actually helps us relax and is great for mental health as well as physical health.

And of course, when you’re done exercising you will probably be hungry, which brings us to our next relaxation idea…

5) Get Cooking, and do it right!

America lives off of convenience food, but there is something special about making food from scratch. It just tastes better, and it has a way of reminding us of some of our favorite moments in life.

Eating at home together is also a great experience. Restaurants are fun, but they can be noisy and loud and make it hard to connect with anyone not sitting next to you. The home, however, was made for mealtime together.

As you might expect, our favorite place to cook is outside and around the fire! Cooking over wood produces amazing flavor and an aroma that will catch people’s attention from miles away. We put together a list of 8 Epic Recipes for Cooking over Wood that will help you get started!

6) Get the kids involved

No matter how you choose to relax or unwind, make sure you get the kids involved. Spending time around the fire? Teach them how to  start one with a single match if they’re old enough. Cooking something? Let them participate – even if it’s just mixing the ingredients. Connecting with questions? Kids love questions!

Even if you’re doing something productive like yard work or organizing your home, involving the kids is a great way to teach them about living and help them feel connected. Depending on their age, they may help you get work done faster or slower, but the important thing is that you use the time to connect and teach them.

7) Play Games together

Games are a great way to relax and connect. Granted, if you’re really competitive then you may not relax at all, but at least you’ll be able to focus on something fun and close to home!

Game night around the Fire

Everyone has their favorite board games and card games and those are all great ideas. Here is a good collection of games to play with kids, and many of them require supplies you already have at home. If you want to try a new game that’s a bit more advanced, this list of board games for adults has some awesome ideas.

8) Relax with Music

Music, like fire, has been proven to help people relax. Play your favorite music around the kitchen, by the fire pit, or wherever you happen to be. If you can play your own instrument, then this is a great time to practice! But if you’re not very musical, then perhaps it’s best to let the professionals do their thing.


If you need inspiration for some good songs, check out our fireside music playlist.

9) Enjoy a date night at home:

Just because you stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic evening. Make a fancy drink or two, snuggle up with your significant other to watch a movie, and, if you really want to take it to the next level, enjoy a crackling fire. You can do this every night if you want – it’s the perfect time to binge watch a tv show and catch up on everything you have missed!

Our boxes of firewood make this easier than ever before. Stay at home – We deliver the firewood to you and each box includes everything you need! Boxes ship nationwide and we can even provide a complimentary same day delivery service in the Atlanta area.

10) Go Camping

When you have great weather, why not spend the night outside? You could go somewhere isolated like the mountains or the lake, but don’t ignore how fun it can be to simply pitch a tent in the backyard and get the kids together for a great time!

Camping in your own backyardTeach the kids how to pitch a tent, get the fire pit going, make some hot dogs and s’mores, share some spooky stories, and have a fun night sleeping under the stars. If you want to take this idea to the next level, then make sure you check out our guide to hosting a campout in your own backyard for kids. We also have a fun guide with 11 tips for telling better campfire stories.

Join Us

We’re taking some time to slow down this season and connect with those closest to us. We hope you will join us!

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