Colorado Springs sits at the eastern foot of the famous Rocky Mountains. Home of the breathtaking Garden of the Gods, this sky high city stands at a 6,035 elevation and is known for its wonderful hiking trails, biking opportunities, and popular landmarks like The Broadmoor. Though this gorgeous Colorado city is a highly sought after destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, the natives are proud to call “The Springs” home and enjoy the city and all it has to offer even when the tourists go home.

One of the most unique things about Colorado Springs is its surprisingly mild winters with a snowfall that is less stubborn than it would be in northern locations. When you think of Colorado, you probably think of skiing in fresh powder and watching a steady snowfall all winter long. But in Colorado Springs, when snow does fall, it typically melts quickly due to the warm temperature of the sun, even in the winter. This means you get the best of both worlds – the magical atmosphere of a picturesque snowy day without the hassle that snow can bring when it builds up over time.

Autumn in Colorado Springs brings a gorgeous array of colorful leaves and temperatures that are still mild but might entice you to start using your fireplace indoors once again to set the scene for cozy nights inside. In addition to offering dozens of fun outdoor activities and popular places to explore in the city, one thing Colorado residents can enjoy all year long is a cozy fire! Whether it’s a roaring fireplace during the holidays while your family enjoys dinner together, a slow flicker that burns while you sip a cup of tea and read a good book in the fall, or a atmospheric bonfire in the backyard on a beautiful summer day, a good fire is a must-have for every occasion and Cutting Edge Firewood can help make that happen for you in an easy way.

Getting the firewood you need should be easy and convenient, and that’s what Cutting Edge Firewood, one of the best Colorado Springs firewood delivery companies, is so excited to provide for its customers. With a lot of wood choices available to you, it can be overwhelming and time-intensive to figure out which product is right for you. Skip the research and guesswork and go with Cutting Edge Firewood’s safe, cost-effective, and easy-to-store solution.

It’s imperative that you burn firewood that doesn’t cause excessive smoke that can be harmful to you and your family and cause watery, irritated eyes. We have a rigorous drying process that involves kiln drying at 250 degrees for 48 hours, which is 12 times longer than the USDA standard! This process removes the moisture from the wood that is often in green or seasoned firewood and can cause pests, fungus, and a messy end product that is a pain to store and use.

Firewood provided by Cutting Edge, one of the top Colorado Springs firewood delivery services, burns evenly and slowly which means you won’t run out as soon. You’ll save money in the long-run while you enjoy a high-quality product – that’s a win-win! And of course, our delivery is simple and stress-free for you. The right firewood delivery in Colorado Springs will make all the difference in your overall burning experience. Look forward to living an enriched life up in Colorado Springs with four beautiful seasons of fun, outdoor adventure, and the warm, glowing ambience of a fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

  • Cherry Firewood Box


    Very Limited and Exclusive

    There is a reason George Washington cut down his father’s cherry tree: it makes for some incredible firewood! Cherry displays beautifully, burns less hot than hickory or oak, and it offers a subtle sweet aroma that will provide your home with a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests alike.  Our Cherry Firewood is absolutely amazing.  This is our all around favorite firewood box.  

    This box of cherry firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.

  • Fire Starter Package


    The Cutting Edge Firewood Complete Fire Starter Package includes everything you need to start over 20 fires quickly and easily. Each package includes:

    • Oak Kindling
    • Excelsior Fire Starters
    • Heart Pine Bundle
    • Cigar Matches

    Ignite your fire with a single match using the Cutting Edge way. Check out our how-to video in the details section below so you can master the single match light every single time! If you’re after actual firewood logs as well, don’t forget to check our firewood options!

  • Hickory Firewood Box


    Hickory is our best seller, and for good reason. Kiln dried hickory firewood burns hotter and longer than any other firewood we offer. The signature aroma and crackle bring back positive memories from childhood and make it a customer favorite. Enthusiasts and casual burners alike have something to love.

    This box of hickory firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.

  • Oak Firewood Box


    Oak is a timeless classic, and a popular hardwood firewood from one of America’s most iconic trees. Oak has a more subtle aroma than hickory or cherry. It burns hotter and longer than cherry, but cooler and not as long as hickory. For many of our customers, oak is their first experience with our kiln dried firewood.

    This box of oak firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.

  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box


    Want to make pizza in your backyard that gives your friends and family a true taste of Italy? Then make sure you use Cutting Edge Firewood’s premium pizza cut firewood.

    Designed specifically for wood fired ovens, our Pizza Cut wood gives you the hottest and longest burns. We partnered with professional pizza chefs to find the perfect way to cut the wood, and learned that the best pizza crust comes with properly managed burn temperatures.

    Temperature control in your oven is maximized by how hot you can get your flame. Our convenient pre-split wood eliminates all variables such as additional labor and drying, which gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re making your best pizza.

    Pizza cut wood is made from Oak, and each piece is approximately 16” in length. The box is 19″ x 13″ x 13″ and has enough wood for up to 20-30 pizzas. If you have a smaller pizza oven like the Ooni Pro or Ooni Karu, then make sure you check out our miniature pizza cut wood! 

    Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box includes kindling and fire starters along with complimentary shipping.

  • Racks of Firewood for Shipping


    This page is specifically for customers outside of our local delivery zones.
    For most customers looking to have firewood shipped to their home, our boxes will be the best option. But if you really love fires, then we recommend our firewood racks. Our promise is the best firewood available. Period. You’ll notice the quality difference before you even light the first match.

    We ship racks inside a 2’ wide x 4’ tall wooden rack that are packed full of premium firewood. Racks are stacked on a pallet and shipped via freight to your driveway. Scroll down this page to learn more about our racks, find recommended products to go with your order, receive complimentary shipping, and see reviews. We also ship our cooking wood in racks if you’re interested.

  • Ultimate 16″ Bulk Firewood Package


    Looking for the best firewood available? Our Ultimate 16″ Bulk Firewood Package includes everything you need for a great season of memorable fires. This package includes 5 racks of firewood, and you get to choose which ones!

    Why is our firewood the best? It undergoes a rigorous drying process, spending 48 hours in a kiln at 250 degrees. This is 12 times longer than FDA requirements, and guarantees that our wood is extremely dry, has no bugs, mold, or fungus, is easier to light, and burns brightly with less smoke. You’ll see the difference from the first match.

    The Ultimate package includes more than just 5 racks of wood, however. Each package also includes…

    The Ultimate package contains up to a $2,000 retail value. Add it to your cart to reveal our special pricing for this amazing package. You can mix and match any of the following racks.

    If you’re interested in a smaller order, check out our firewood boxes for shipping.

  • Ultimate 24″ Bulk Firewood Package


    24″ Firewood is an awesome way to fill a larger fireplace or fire pit. It can also make a decorative statement year round. Not only do we offer the best firewood in the world, but you’d be hard pressed to find cuts like this anywhere else.

    The 24″ Ultimate package is shipped on a palate and includes Complimentary shipping, a Hand Truck, 1 box of standard cut firewood (so you can give something else a try), and 1 Fire Starter package that includes a Oak Kindling, Heart Pine Bundle, and Excelsior Fire Starters.

    This 24″ package will completely fill an existing 4′ x 4′ rack. Mix or match your choice of the following, choosing 4 Racks of Firewood, 24″ length:

  • Ultimate 30″ Bulk Firewood Package


    30″ Firewood is big. We mean really big. If you’re looking to fill a large fireplace or fire pit, or you want to make a decorative statement, then look no further than our 30″ firewood. Not only is it the best firewood in the world, but you’d be hard pressed to find cuts like this anywhere else.

    The 30″ Ultimate package is shipped on a palate and includes Complimentary shipping, a Hand Truck, 1 box of standard cut firewood (so you can give something else a try), and 1 Fire Starter package that includes a Oak Kindling, Heart Pine Bundle, and Excelsior Fire Starters.

    This 30″ package will completely fill an existing 4′ x 4′ rack. Mix or match your choice of the following, choosing 4 Racks of Firewood, 30″ length:

Customer Reviews

I Live in California. Based on reviews i was excited to receive my CHERRY Firewood for my fire-pit from Cutting Edge. My family and i wanted the best firewood with less smoke. great burn and scent. We opted for Cherry since it burns cooler than Hickory or Oak for the summer nights. When i inspected the firewood several had growth on them and i was not sure if it was mold. so i contacted Cutting Edge to advise. Ashley requested to text several photos and her team would take a look. The very next day i got a call from Ashley. Although her team could not narrow down exactly what was on the firewood she advised me Cutting Edge would send out a whole new Box Set -free of charge. I was NOT expecting such a quick response let alone a entire new Box Set.Cutting Edges excellent customer service and quick response alone is TOP NOTCH and gives me the confidence they stand by their products 100%. New Box was received this week with NO issues. Cutting Edge has definitely earned my business for years to come with Outstanding Customer Service along with Superior products. Will NOT hesitate recommending to all my Family and Colleagues.
Raymond Alcarion
Raymond Alcarion
18:51 07 Aug 20
I had given this Company a low rating yesterday… And with in minutes they proved me wrong. Claudia called and was able to resolve my concerns, and restored my faith. It’s so important that companies listen, and do their best to meet the needs of the customer!!! I love Cutting Edge’s product! The wood burns clean, and the product’s presentation is nice… Who said wood couldn’t be classy??!! The racks, the nice delivery personnel… A+. Claudia gets an A+ for customer recovery!!! Thank you Cutting Edge for showing my family that you appreciate our business!
Felencia Ferguson
Felencia Ferguson
13:35 11 Feb 22
They say, "you get what you pay for" and that couldn't be any truer when it comes to Cutting Edge Firewood. They offer same day delivery on boxes M-Sa, their firewood is easy to lit and it burns clean for hours, and their customer service is always top notch. Can't say enough good things about Leroy, his team and their products. If you want the best, put your worries to rest and buy from the best.
Michael Tobias
Michael Tobias
18:43 21 Nov 20
Cutting Edge Firewood is absolutely the best company I have ever dealt with! From customer service to my delivery of 2 boxes to lighting my fire 🔥 that was super easy with one match & the beautiful fire in my wood stove to the warmth it gave me & my home! I got a box of oak & a box of hickory. I will be purchasing more firewood from this wonderful company Cutting Edge Firewood! They do what they say & deliver as promised! Just an awesome company from beginning to end….
Donald Rash
Donald Rash
19:52 24 Feb 22
In addition to high-quality, clean burning firewood, the folks at Cutting Edge Firewood deliver best in class service. Every time. They’re responsive, on time, friendly, and grateful for every opportunity they get. Follow up is excellent with well timed and thoughtful emails to handwritten thank you notes. In an age where the art of gold standard customer service alongside quality product seems to be gone, these guys will boldly remind you its not. At least not with them. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could!
Tim Stutz
Tim Stutz
18:08 28 Mar 20
I recently ordered from Cutting Edge Firewood for the first time. The experience was one of the best I have had in recent memory. Ashley called me shortly after my order to explain how it would be shipped and delivered and offered assistance with any questions I may have had. The wood and accessories showed up on time and perfectly packaged. The product itself is as great as the customer service. The wood is beautifully dried and smells wonderful. I also made sure to get some pizza oven cut Oak and it did not disappoint! Absolutely 100% satisfied... BRAVO!
Paul Parker
Paul Parker
20:24 01 Jun 20
Absolutely the best run company imaginable! From my initial order processing to delivery of my firewood, their customer service was incredible! Daryl, the Artisan (is that not a great term or what) who delivered my firewood was the best ambassador ever for Cutting Edge Firewood. The enthusiasm and pride of the employees was evident every step if the way! I look forward to a continued relationship with all these folks.
Homer Rose
Homer Rose
15:02 30 Aug 21
Updated for Dec 10, 2020: The company works hard to meet customer's need. It is impossible to be perfect; however, their best efforts are way better than others. Again, their wood is way higher quality than any other seller out there that I know.‐-------------------I recently bought some firewood boxes from them. Their wood is clean and very high quality. I did not appreciate it until I tried to save some money and bought firewood from other local stores like Homedepot and Homeland. Now I have a choice, and I rather pay more for the premium quality here. They shipped fast too.
Jason Phan
Jason Phan
22:35 10 Dec 20
Just came over to buy some firewood for my pizza oven and I want to let you know these guys are awesome. They sure know what they’re doing and you can go around behind your product. For sure the best in Atlanta.
Al Fernandez
Al Fernandez
17:28 27 Jul 19