The Holidays are here, and that means everyone in our family is getting stressed about gift giving. What should I get dad? Will my brother-in-law actually appreciate his gift this year? How do you get something for someone who already has everything they need?

Good news, we’re here to help! Cutting Edge Firewood offers a wide variety of gift options that are perfect for fire or cooking enthusiasts. After all, what could be better than a perfect fire on Christmas day? Many of our offerings include complimentary shipping nationwide!

All of our firewood and cooking products undergo a rigorous drying process. After spending 48 hours in a kiln (12 times the USDA standard) our firewood is dry and clean. That means no bugs, no mold, no fungus. It also means it is easier to light, smells better, smokes less, and burns brighter and hotter. It’s the best firewood available, period.

Gift Cards

New for 2019, we now offer gift cards! Keep it simple and send someone a flexible gift that ensures they get the right thing.

firewood gift cardsSince Cutting Edge Firewood offers so many different cuts and species of wood, sometimes it’s best to just give a gift card and let the other person choose what they want! You can even place your order today and schedule when your recipient will receive the gift card via email. Gift cards can be used to pay for products or shipping and are the perfect way to celebrate the season.

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Cooking Chunks Variety Pack

Know someone who loves their Big Green Egg or smoking their own food in the backyard? Give them the gift of flavor! Cutting Edge Firewood makes the best cooking chunks in the world. Each one is hand selected and cut from the kiln dried wood that spent 48 hours inside of a kiln. The chunks are clean and free from mold, fungus, and pests. They are really dry and will ignite quickly, providing clean flavor for multiple hours.

Our variety pack is an awesome gift because it includes 4 different types of cooking wood. Available as a standard box or large box, our variety pack includes multiple cooks with each flavor: pecan, hickory, cherry, and oak! We also offer complimentary shipping throughout the entire United States, so it’s the perfect gift to send to anyone who loves BBQ in your life.

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The Box of Firewood

The Cutting Edge box of firewood has everything you need for 2-4 fires. It’s an amazing gift for anyone who loves a good fire, and perfect for creating a warm home during the holiday season. You can order boxes individually or give someone a box subscription. We also offer them as corporate gifts and ship nationwide!

There are several types of boxes as well, including our chiminea cut firewood that is the perfect gift for anyone who owns a chiminea or small wood stove. We also offer cooking wood boxes, including our special pizza cut boxes for people with wood fired pizza ovens or our pecan cooking wood that was featured in Garden and Gun magazine.

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The Yule Log (Uncut Rounds)

Looking to give someone a unique fire burning experience? What if they already have firewood? Try giving them an uncut round!

Uncut Rounds (Ultimate Extended Burn) - Full OrderThese oversized pieces of firewood can make the perfect yule log for the holidays. Get the fire going really hot, then place an uncut round on the fire and watch it burn for 3-5 hours!! You can order uncut rounds as single logs, or you can order larger quantities that will fill up your entire firewood rack.

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Rack of Hickory Firewood

Our most popular product is the Rack of Hickory Firewood. For Atlanta area residents, we deliver on our patent-pending metal rack that displays beautifully and contains the best hickory firewood available. We’ll place it wherever your gift receiver wants it. Complete the gift with our fire starter package.

Hickory Cooking Wood Rack Subscription - Once a MonthNot only does it display beautifully, but no firewood burns better than hickory. It burns hotter and longer than any firewood you’ve ever tried, and it has an awesome crackle and aroma.

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S&S Fire Pit: Complete Set

There is something extra special about an outdoor fire. It creates a space for community and connectivity that transcends generations. For an elegant outdoor fire experience, our decorative fire pits are perfect for an evening gathering.

Fire Pit Rental Service

These steel oil drum hand welded fire pits are created to last lifetimes so that they can be passed down to future generations. These fire pits are mobile, making it easy to change location for any event or social gathering. Pair it with our kiln dried firewood for an easy to start, low smoke, long lasting fire your friends will love. Each of our fire pits comes as part of a complete set that includes a steel fire pit cover, designer fire iron, and steel shovel.

If you give someone a fire pit, it will be used and cherished for years to come!

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