The Best Firewood Available- Every Time

What makes Cutting Edge Firewood different?

When we started Cutting Edge Firewood, one of the primary goals was to provide the best firewood available. Not just the best in the neighborhood or the best in Georgia, we wanted to deliver the best firewood in the world.

Most people tend to think “firewood’s just firewood,” but when they experience their first Cutting Edge Fire, they immediately recognize the difference. Our firewood is easier to light, burns brighter and hotter, creates less smoke, and gives off an incredible aroma.

Saying all firewood is the same is kind of like saying all water is the same. But which would you rather drink? Something from a river that has dirt and sediments floating inside? Plus things you can’t see? Or would you rather drink water that has gone through a filtration process that guarantees it is completely clean and safe?

In the same way, our firewood goes through a rigorous drying process that leaves it dry and completely free from mold, bugs, or pests. Our process ensures the wood will always provide a better fireside experience.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the science behind our process and explain why it makes for such incredible firewood.

What is Kiln Dried Firewood?

The dryer the firewood, the better it will burn. It should surprise no one that water in your wood will work against your fire.

There are two common drying processes used today. The first and most common process is seasoning firewood. This wood has been cut and (hopefully) stacked so that it can air dry over the course of months or years. Freshly cut wood (aka green wood) has a moisture content of 50%, and seasoned firewood can drop down to 20-30%. This lower moisture content will help the firewood burn, but it’s not enough to provide a great experience. The other problem with seasoned firewood is that, as it sits out drying, it begins to decay, invite bugs in, and start growing mold and fungus.

The kiln drying process, however, is a much quicker drying method. Wood is placed into an oven (or kiln) and dried over the course of hours. This process should also kill any bugs, mold, or fungus. Depending on how long your firewood spends in the kiln, it’s moisture level can drop as low as 5-10%, which is going to provide a much better fireside experience.

Guide to Different Cuts Firewood

Because kiln dried firewood is so much better, we never provide “seasoned firewood” at Cutting Edge, we only provide kiln dried wood.

Not All Kiln Dried Firewood is the Same

When it comes to kiln dried firewood, you need to understand that there is a wide range of quality factors. Although there are many firewood suppliers claiming to provide kiln dried firewood, it’s important to understand the difference between our process and their processes.

For instance, if you purchase firewood from your local grocery store or hardware store, odds are you will see a large “kiln dried firewood” label on the bag. In fine print, you’ll see that it was only kiln dried for 75 minutes at 160 degrees. This is the bare minimum for killing bugs, but will not really make the firewood much better.

Our drying process, however, is significantly more rigorous. All of our firewood spends 48 hours in the kiln at 250 degrees! This ensures that the wood is consistently dry and ready to burn. This article from the USDA shows that the more time firewood spends in the kiln, and the hotter the temperature, the dryer the wood will be.

If you’ve ever bought a bag from the store and had a bad experience, now you know why! Their kiln drying process is the bare minimum, and so you get stuck with the bare minimum result. We put our wood through the most rigorous drying process in the industry, and so we are able to produce the best firewood available.

Let’s talk about density

Many people think that kiln dried firewood will burn more quickly because it is more dry.

It will certainly catch on fire and provide heat more quickly, but if your firewood is really dense then it will burn for a long time, even if the wood is kiln dried. The physics on this is simple: the more dense the wood, the more there is to burn.

How does Cutting Edge Firewood keep our firewood so dense?

When you cut logs of firewood, they immediately start to decay. The moisture in the wood attracts bugs and starts the natural process of decomposition. This is why a seasoned log that has been sitting outside for years can be broken almost as easily as paper.

Many places that sell kiln dried firewood will chop their wood and then let it sit outside for 6-12 months. This allows the wood to dry most of the way, and then they can finish the job with their kiln. Their main goal is to spend less money heating a kiln – by starting with wood that is already at 20-30% moisture they don’t need to kiln dry for nearly as long. Unfortunately, the density of the wood will have taken a big hit while sitting out air drying for 6-12 months. This firewood will weigh less than it should and simply will not burn for as long.

Cutting Edge Firewood, on the other hand, places firewood into our kiln facilities within a week of being cut down. This means that all of our firewood is still extremely dense and heavy. We give you the best of both worlds – dry firewood that is easy to light, and dense firewood that can burn all night.

Since Cutting Edge Firewood is so dry and does not contain any bugs, mold, or fungus, it can resist the decomposing process for years on end when you store it somewhere dry like your garage or screened in porch.

Hand Selection

Our warehouse receives truck loads of firewood from our two kiln drying facilities. Although every piece spends 48 hours in the 250 degree kiln, we still hand select each piece of wood before stacking it into one of our firewood racks or firewood boxes.

Pecan Cooking Wood Rack

This process allows us to ensure every piece of firewood is dry, cut to the right length, and will display beautifully on your rack before you decide to start a fire. We firmly believe in our commitment to providing the best customer service and the best firewood available, and we seek to demonstrate it at every step of the way.

Cutting Edge Firewood – Perfect for any occasion

Because we make the best firewood available, it’s the perfect fuel source for any fire. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a fire inside or outside, if you want to relax over the fire or cook over it. All of our firewood goes through the exact same rigorous process and will be dry, dense, clean, and bug free.

If you decide to try cooking with Cutting Edge, you will not be disappointed. Our cooking wood provides a superior aroma and flavor to any meal. We offer cooking chunks (2-4″), splits (8″), and cooking wood logs (16″). In each of those shapes, we offer a variety of species including apple, cherry, pecan, hickory, oak, and maple.

Cooking Wood for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe

Our wood is never treated with chemicals to help it dry or to kill bugs – everything is all natural. You can feel safe when you choose to use our products, and you’ll never need to deal with the musty flavor that comes form wet wood or the chemically flavor from lighter fluid.

Where to Find Cutting Edge Firewood

If you’re looking for the best place to get Cutting Edge Firewood, the you’ve found it! You can purchase all of our products through our online store and we will deliver the firewood to you! You can also contact us if you’d like to order over the phone or need assistance. Checkout some of our most popular products below!

  • Hickory Firewood Rack


    Hickory is one of our best sellers, and for good reason. Kiln dried hickory firewood burns hotter and longer than any other firewood we offer. The signature aroma and crackle bring back positive memories from childhood and make it a customer favorite. Enthusiasts and casual burners alike have something to love.

    Our patent metal rack of hickory is 2′ wide and 4′ tall with enough quality firewood for 15-25 amazing fireside experiences. View more details below.

    Firewood Rack Service

    Cutting Edge Firewood proudly offers firewood rack services nationwide. 

    • If you live within our “local delivery network” (Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Greenville and greater metro areas) you will receive a metal rack personally delivered by our Artisans.
    • If you live outside of our “local delivery network” across the United States, our rack products will be shipped via a freight company in a wooden rack to the end of your driveway.  Upgrade to Cutting Edge Firewood Metal Rack is available via phone.


  • Hickory Firewood Box


    Hickory is our best seller, and for good reason. Kiln dried hickory firewood burns hotter and longer than any other firewood we offer. The signature aroma and crackle bring back positive memories from childhood and make it a customer favorite. Enthusiasts and casual burners alike have something to love.

    This box of hickory firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.

  • Cherry Firewood Box


    Very Limited and Exclusive

    There is a reason George Washington cut down his father’s cherry tree: it makes for some incredible firewood! Cherry displays beautifully, burns less hot than hickory or oak, and it offers a subtle sweet aroma that will provide your home with a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests alike.  Our Cherry Firewood is absolutely amazing.  This is our all around favorite firewood box.  

    This box of cherry firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.

  • Oak Firewood Box


    Oak is a timeless classic, and a popular hardwood firewood from one of America’s most iconic trees. Oak has a more subtle aroma than hickory or cherry. It burns hotter and longer than cherry, but cooler and not as long as hickory. For many of our customers, oak is their first experience with our kiln dried firewood.

    This box of oak firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences, including fire starters, kindling, matches, and firewood. See full details below.

  • Ultimate 16″ Bulk Firewood Package


    Looking for the best firewood available? Our Ultimate 16″ Bulk Firewood Package includes everything you need for a great season of memorable fires. This package includes 5 racks of firewood, and you get to choose which ones!

    Why is our firewood the best? It undergoes a rigorous drying process, spending 48 hours in a kiln at 250 degrees. This is 12 times longer than FDA requirements, and guarantees that our wood is extremely dry, has no bugs, mold, or fungus, is easier to light, and burns brightly with less smoke. You’ll see the difference from the first match.

    The Ultimate package includes more than just 5 racks of wood, however. Each package also includes…

    The Ultimate package contains up to a $2,000 retail value. Add it to your cart to reveal our special pricing for this amazing package. You can mix and match any of the following racks.

    If you’re interested in a smaller order, check out our firewood boxes for shipping.

  • 8″ Cooking Wood Splits Variety Pack – Large Box


    Our Large sized cooking wood split variety pack includes 4 different types of splits. It’s the perfect gift for the smoking enthusiast in your life or a great way to experience a variety of flavors throughout the year.

    Our cooking wood splits are the perfect size for people looking to cook with miniature logs – each one is about 8 inches long and cut to fit into smaller smokers, vertical smokers, and offset smokers. You don’t want to settle for wood that can’t get hot enough or that will give your food a musty flavor, so choose the best. Choose Cutting Edge Firewood!

    Our large variety box is 17” x 17” x 8.5” and contains all 4 standard smaller boxes, one each of Pecan, Cherry, Hickory, and Oak. Individually those boxes have a value of $216, but when combined they are available for $159!

    Order today to receive complimentary shipping nationwide!

  • The Smoking Chunks Variety Pack


    Are you a backyard BBQ Master? Have you given your grills their own special name? Then you need to try our world class cooking chunks. Our Variety Pack offers the perfect way to experience a variety of unmatched flavors. These boxes also make for the perfect gift for the smoking enthusiast in your life.

    Cutting Edge Firewood produces the best possible smoking chunks because the best food deserves the best flavor. Each variety pack contains a number of Pecan, Cherry, Hickory, and Oak chunks. We offer two sizes:

    • The Standard Box is 8.5” x 8.5” x 8.5” and has enough chunks for 8-12 meals.
    • Our large variety box contains 4 standard-sized boxes.

    This is an amazing way to enhance the flavor of your cooks. Order today to receive complimentary shipping nationwide!

  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood


    Want to make pizza in your backyard that gives your friends and family a true taste of Italy? Then make sure you use Cutting Edge Firewood’s premium pizza cut firewood.

    We partnered with professional pizza chefs to design the perfect wood for wood fired pizza ovens. All of our wood is perfectly dry, dense, and cut to enable a fast lighting fire that burns hotter and longer than anything else in the market. The incredibly clean oak flavor will give you the confidence of knowing that you’re making your best pizza.

    Boxes have enough wood for 20-30 pizzas and racks have enough for up to 200 pizzas.  Each piece of pizza cut wood is 16″ long and 1-2″ thick. We can ship or deliver inside our boxes or racks.  If you have a smaller pizza oven like the Ooni Pro or Ooni Karu, then make sure you check out our miniature pizza cut wood! 

    Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box includes kindling and fire starters along with complimentary shipping.

    Choose your quantity of racks or boxes and then add to cart to begin your incredibly delicious pizza making experience.