Create delicious flavors when you order Cutting Edge Firewood to cook and enhance your next pizza.

Our Pizza Cut cooking wood perfectly fits in your Patio & Pizza oven. We’ll ship it straight to your door, so you can get cooking right away.


  • Miniature Pizza Cut for Portable Ovens – Standard Box


    If you’re looking for firewood for the Ooni ProOoni  Karu, Gozney Roccbox, Gozney Dome, Bertollo Wood Fired Oven, and other smaller, portable pizza ovens, then we have the perfect solution! Our miniature pizza cut firewood for Ooni pizza ovens is 6″ long and fits perfectly. It’s cut from quality hardwoods and goes through the most rigorous kiln drying process in the industry. This means that, even though the wood cuts are small, it will still quickly create an incredibly hot fire that burns clean and provides amazing flavor to your pizza.

    Standard box is good for 20-30 pizzas and holds 55-60 pieces.   8.5″ x 8.5″ x 8.5″ and weighs about 10 pounds.

    This product receives complimentary shipping throughout the United States.


  • Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box


    Want to make pizza in your backyard that gives your friends and family a true taste of Italy? Then make sure you use Cutting Edge Firewood’s premium pizza cut firewood.

    Designed specifically for wood fired ovens, our Pizza Cut wood gives you the hottest and longest burns. We partnered with professional pizza chefs to find the perfect way to cut the wood, and learned that the best pizza crust comes with properly managed burn temperatures.

    Temperature control in your oven is maximized by how hot you can get your flame. Our convenient pre-split wood eliminates all variables such as additional labor and drying, which gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re making your best pizza.

    Pizza cut wood is made from Oak, and each piece is approximately 16” in length. The box is 19″ x 13″ x 13″ and has enough wood for up to 20-30 pizzas. If you have a smaller pizza oven like the Ooni Pro or Ooni Karu, then make sure you check out our miniature pizza cut wood! 

    Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box includes kindling and fire starters along with complimentary shipping.