30″ Length Oak Firewood


Oak is a timeless classic, and a popular hardwood firewood from one of America’s most iconic trees. Oak has a more subtle aroma than hickory or cherry. It burns hotter and longer than cherry, but cooler and not as long as hickory. For many of our customers, oak is their first experience with our kiln dried firewood.

Our standard cut of oak is 16 inches, but this 30 inch, extended length firewood is ideal for oversized fireplaces and fire pits. You’ll need more space to store it, but extended length pieces look very impressive both on display and while lit. We also offer oak in 24 inch long cuts.

One Full Order will fill 4’ x 4’ rack (not included). View more details below.

30" Length Oak Firewood $349.00
30" Length Oak Firewood $549.00
30" Length Oak Firewood $999.00
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Cutting Edge Firewood is absolutely the best company I have ever dealt with! From customer service to my delivery of 2 boxes to lighting my fire 🔥 that was super easy with one match & the beautiful fire in my wood stove to the warmth it gave me & my home! I got a box of oak & a box of hickory. I will be purchasing more firewood from this wonderful company Cutting Edge Firewood! They do what they say & deliver as promised! Just an awesome company from beginning to end….
Donald Rash
Donald Rash
19:52 24 Feb 22
After several phone calls to Cutting Edge to make sure an Ultimate Package could be delivered to our home and not left at the curb (we have a very long driveway...), and getting those assurances, I placed my order. Placed the order by phone on Monday, and the wood was delivered today (Friday)!!! Not only was the wood brought all the way down our driveway, the driver of the XPO freight truck helped us get the wood up onto our front porch, which he did not have to do. The wood was very carefully stacked in the racks, then wrapped very tightly so the wood stayed put during transport. They really know how to pack their product for safe shipping. I was so impressed with the quickness of my order getting to suburban Philadelphia from Atlanta, and the helpfulness of the delivery person was above and beyond.Now on to the wood! My order contains a mixture of oak, hickory and cherry. I immediately started a fire using the cherry, and it was extremely easy to light. With the fire starter supplies provided, I used one match and had a roaring fire in less than 10 minutes! The aroma is so warm and welcoming! When I walked outside, I could even smell the rich cherry outside. Our neighbors must be envious! I am so pleased with this wood, and very impressed with the overall experience - from my many questions asked and answered before placing the order, to the communication once the order was placed, to the delivery and finally the fire!!! I will be a CEF customer for a long time to come!
Paige Davis
Paige Davis
01:10 30 Oct 21
Y’all! Look no further for your firewood and delivery needs. Cutting Edge Firewood was prompt in responding to my questions, and they worked hard to deliver my order within just a few days. (Thank you, Sara B.!) I was able to order online and choose from three kinds of wood — oak, cherry and hickory. They can include a pretty firewood rack if you need one (we didn’t, but that’s a nice feature!). Delivery was alerted by text and was right on time. Ben, the delivery person, was super friendly and stacked the wood for me. Cant wait to try this firewood out. We expect to be customers for years to come!!!
Melissa Mulvaney
Melissa Mulvaney
16:18 28 Apr 21
Just received my first order from Cutting Edge Firewood. The order came fast (I live in Texas) and I must say I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed with firewood. First, the amount of wood they give with kindling, matches, and firestarters was perfect. I literally do not have to do anything other than light a match to get this started. Second, the aroma of the wood was very pleasant. We chose oak for our first time but will be buying some Cherry in the near future. I especially liked how they packed my box as full as they could get it. Many different sizes of wood too which helps with wood placement. Overall a very good first impression!
Steve Noriega
Steve Noriega
16:10 02 Apr 21
We wanted a fire pit to sit around at Thanksgiving and then we wanted smoke free wood to burn in it. We looked around,, but aged or kiln dried is hard to find, and all those mixed hardwoods are mixed. I found this website, and thoroughly enjoyed reading, choosing, and sharing with the fam. Branded oak firewood-in an elegant box with everything (we used to call it fatwood, but the term is kindling) you need for starting the fire. The company responds quickly, they would be my first choice for gifts for people with fireplaces and if we lived in GA, this would be my choice for firewood in my own fireplace. I speak from a fair amount of experience, living with a woodstove for 11 years-use the advice on their website. These folks speak truth and have excellent products.
Jacqueline Katz
Jacqueline Katz
18:59 16 Nov 20
For the first time ever, I had a roaring fire going in minutes in my fire pit last night with no pain, no smoke, no moldy wood - it was amazing. Thank you for a great product and great service - from the folks in the office scheduling my delivery, to the delivery team putting the rack of oak exactly where I requested. The rack looks really nice too. I'm really looking forward to being a customer for a long time and trying all of your products. Thanks again for a great experience.
Steve Meeker
Steve Meeker
14:23 06 Nov 20
I drove to their warehouse and loaded up my truck with Kline dried oak. They offer a better value this way. Great service.
Chip Matthews
Chip Matthews
01:42 21 Jan 20
Practically the Indiana Jones warehouse of firewood! Can’t wait to start our first fire of the season (oak)... and make some ribs w/the pecan chunks. Thanks KB!
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers
18:17 19 Oct 19

The Story Behind our Oak Firewood:

When people think of oak, they think of large, sturdy trees that last for centuries. As you can imagine, this durable and dependable wood makes for a consistent and reliable fireside experience. The size of oak trees and oak limbs enable us to provide some of the longest pieces of firewood available today!

We work with suppliers in both North Georgia and North Florida to source quality oak firewood. Like all of our firewood products, Cutting Edge oak undergoes the most rigorous drying process in the industry. Each piece is cut to specific dimensions and then cooked at 250 degrees for 48 hours, far exceeding FDA regulations.

This drying process ensures that every piece of oak delivered to our warehouse, and then to your home, is free of bugs, mold, and fungus. It also enhances the fireside experience by making the firewood easier to light, smoke less, and provide more heat and light.

Because we send fresh wood through the drying process, you can rest assured that the wood won’t be dirty or decomposing. It will be sturdy and durable, perfect for burning inside a luxury fire.

Oak is a great wood to display. It provides a fresh feel to the air, but thanks to the more subtle aroma, it won’t bother people with sensitive noses. These 30″ pieces are perfect for displaying in larger areas or inside of larger fire places, giving your firewood display character and pieces that can proudly sit front and center. Since it’s been purified by our drying process, you can feel good storing the firewood both inside and out.

Our oak product is also safe for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. The low moisture content means you won’t experience creosote build-up in your chimney or experience smelly smoke sticking to your clothes.

It lights easily and quickly, making a natural oak fire a convenient experience. When you use the Cutting Edge Fire Starter package, you’ll only need one match and have a roaring fire within a matter of minutes.

What’s in the order?

The 30″ oak firewood is too heavy for our standard 2′ wide, 4′ tall racks. Instead, we use wooden racks that are about 3′ tall with extended length wood sticking out on both sides. One order includes 4 of these wooden racks and is enough wood to fill a 4′ x 4′ wide metal rack (with some extra wood to spare).

If you are a local delivery customer, our delivery artisans will stack the firewood inside your firewood rack. We also recommend purchasing a fire starter package to make lighting your firewood quick, easy, and convenient.

Orders that are shipped outside of our delivery zones will receive firewood on a palette. For shipping customers, We highly recommend our ultimate 30″ package (pictured to the right), which also includes 2 fire starter packages, a hand truck, and complimentary shipping. You can also mix and match 30″ species of wood, allowing you to enjoy a variety of wood species.

If you prefer our standard cut (16″) firewood, then we suggest trying out a box of our oak or rack of oak firewood.

Our Ultimate 30″ Shipping Package

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