Hickory Firewood


Allow us to introduce you to our most beloved product…

Kiln dried hickory firewood provides a hot, gorgeous and long-lasting flame. The signature aroma and crackle make it a customer favorite. Enthusiasts and casual burners alike have something to love.

We have several options available. We can deliver your wood in either a box or rack, and subscribers receive a significant discount. Select your desired quantity below and then add to cart to begin your next premium fire experience.


Love Fires? Try our Exclusive Subscriptions

Did you know that subscriptions are available for our hickory firewood to our local delivery areas? It’s the most convenient way to keep your fire experiences going, and it offers substantial savings. Subscriptions require a 3 month commitment and come with plenty of great fire experiences.

One Rack Per Month:

One Box Per Month:

One Box Every Two Weeks:

One Box Per Week:

INCOMPARABLE: We craft the finest hickory firewood for sale in Atlanta. Our artisans understand that it takes top-quality fire products to fuel the best fires. That’s why they condition our hickory firewood for 48 hours — that’s twelve times the required length for kiln dried wood.

EFFORTLESS: Anyone can build and burn a hickory wood fire. A single match is all you need when you use the Cutting Edge method to light fires. Wood lovers of any experience level can appreciate a hickory fire.

UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE: We’re passionate about firewood. Every local customer receives our complimentary Artisan Delivery Service. Your personal Delivery Artisan will deliver, stack and clean up your wood to your specifications. They will readily answer your questions or even start a fire for you. Non-local customers are invited to call or email us so we can answer your questions. We ship hickory all over the United States.

What’s in the box?

The Cutting Edge Firewood Hickory box includes enough wood for approximately 2-4 fires. The box has everything you need for an easy, enjoyable fire experience.

  • 4 firestarters and several pieces of kindling
  • Length of firewood: 16″ (approx.)
  • Box measures 2.45 cubic feet or 16″ x 16″ x 16
  • Next business day delivery available (in certain regions) when selected at check out
  • Subscribe and save!
Firewood Box Subscription

What’s in the rack?

Cutting Edge Firewood racks are an elegant way to store and display your premium firewood. The strong, metal frame contains enough wood for approximately 20-25 fires.

The Cutting Edge Firewood Rack needs to be placed on a solid flat surface. Great examples include garage, porch, deck, patio, shed, sun room, flat surface on sidewalk or driveway etc. Please let us know if you have any questions. Our wood is always delivered pest and mold free!

Cherry Cooking Wood Rack Subscription - Once a Month

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