Pizza Cut Cooking Wood


Want to make pizza in your backyard that gives your friends and family a true taste of Italy? Then make sure you use Cutting Edge Firewood’s premium pizza cut firewood.

We partnered with professional pizza chefs to design the perfect wood for wood fired pizza ovens. All of our wood is perfectly dry, dense, and cut to enable a fast lighting fire that burns hotter and longer than anything else in the market. The incredibly clean oak flavor will give you the confidence of knowing that you’re making your best pizza.

Boxes have enough wood for 20-30 pizzas and racks have enough for up to 200 pizzas.  Each piece of pizza cut wood is 16″ long and 1-2″ thick. We can ship or deliver inside our boxes or racks.  If you have a smaller pizza oven like the Ooni Pro or Ooni Karu, then make sure you check out our miniature pizza cut wood! 

Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box includes kindling and fire starters along with complimentary shipping.

Choose your quantity of racks or boxes and then add to cart to begin your incredibly delicious pizza making experience.

The Best Firewood for Pizza Ovens $89.00

Pizza Cut Enhancements

Use these different species for different flavor profiles

While oak makes for the perfect pizza wood, adding flavored 8-inch cooking wood splits to your oven while your pie bakes is a great way to play around with flavors and create a memorable dish. Popular flavors to consider include:

  • Hickory: Hickory wood is full of a savory, smoky flavor that is great for meat-centric pies, especially when they feature bacon, barbecue, or poultry. Hickory would be great for a BBQ pizza! But be careful —  Hickory will very easily overpower all other flavors. Use it very sparingly.
  • Pecan: Pecan wood creates a light, nutty flavor that pairs well with a variety of poultry, cheeses, and hearty vegetable toppings.
  • Apple: Apple cooking wood is sweet and mild, but it pairs perfectly with savory meats and veggie toppings. Use apple sparingly, unless you want the crust to have an apple taste.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood is our most aromatic cooking wood, and it infuses pizzas with a one-of-a-kind sweetness. It pairs exceptionally well with almost any meat.
  • Maple: With the growing popularity of flavor combinations like maple and bacon, adapt maple cooking wood to complement meat and cheese pies, or even a dessert pizza!

If you want to add some unique wood flavor to your pizza oven cook, then we recommend grabbing some of our 8″ cooking splits. Each species of wood offers a unique flavor. For instance, cherry wood adds a little sweet flavor, pecan wood adds a little nutty flavor, and hickory adds a bold wood fired flavor.

You want to be careful if you’re cooking pizza (or any bread product) because bread absorbs a ton of flavor. We also know that pizza ovens are great for cooking things other than just pizza, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

If you cook with our 8″ splits, than we recommend you get the fire going and use pizza cut firewood as the main heat source. Just before adding the food, throw 2-3 splits onto the fire and, as it burns, it will provide your food with a unique, quality wood flavor you cannot get anywhere else.

Who is Cooking with Cutting Edge Firewood

I don’t have a fireplace but I love cooking with charcoal and wood. I have an Ooni Karu 12, a PK original, and a PKGO which means I need chunks or mini logs since my cooking devices are small. Received my order of mini pizza wood from Cutting Edge and was ready for football Sunday. I used 2 mini wood pieces in the pizza oven (with charcoal) and had the oven at over 800F within minutes. For the second half, i threw on some wings and brats into the PKGO which was also up to temp with a few charcoal chunks and one mini wood piece.Overall, I am very pleased. Before today and Cutting edge, I was breaking down firewood logs by hand which is some good exercise, but sometimes you just want some good quality wood without the hassle. Cutting Edge definitely delivered. A++
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo
19:38 11 Sep 22
I run a small Ooni Pizza oven for a family of 7. Spend $189 for a single box of firewood??? Insane right? Well I will be reordering shortly!!!! You use high quality ingredients and this is high quality and VERY easy to use. Sizing is perfect and I can cook about 6 pizzas with 6 pieces of wood so a box lasts a long long time.Order and you won't regret it.
Darryl Franklin
Darryl Franklin
14:06 17 Jul 21
If you are thinking of getting the pizza cut for your Ooni I am here to tell you to just scrap the idea of the small box and go for the big one. Compared to your hardware store wood for smoking/burning this wood is night and day. It burns super clean and it just feels/looks like a superior product. I also just got a hand written note from Leroy thanking me for my orders which no one ever does but they are taking the time to do it which I think says a lot about their company-thanks!
Alex Waite
Alex Waite
18:19 29 Jan 21
I recently ordered from Cutting Edge Firewood for the first time. The experience was one of the best I have had in recent memory. Ashley called me shortly after my order to explain how it would be shipped and delivered and offered assistance with any questions I may have had. The wood and accessories showed up on time and perfectly packaged. The product itself is as great as the customer service. The wood is beautifully dried and smells wonderful. I also made sure to get some pizza oven cut Oak and it did not disappoint! Absolutely 100% satisfied... BRAVO!
Paul Parker
Paul Parker
20:24 01 Jun 20
Just came over to buy some firewood for my pizza oven and I want to let you know these guys are awesome. They sure know what they’re doing and you can go around behind your product. For sure the best in Atlanta.
Al Fernandez
Al Fernandez
17:28 27 Jul 19
This place is Amazing!A specially for me as a food lover👨‍🍳First time that I went In to that place and I was amazed from the large selection of wood burning type.It helps to fit it to any pizza oven or dish that you are trying to cook in your oven.They also have wood for fireplace.Great place and very expert too!
Eliad Vaknin
Eliad Vaknin
19:59 26 Jul 19

Wood fired pizza is something special. With the Crispy crust, bold flavors, and the taste of Italy, it’s no wonder that wood fired pizza ovens are growing in popularity across the United States.

If you want to make the best tasting pizza, it starts with using the best quality pizza wood. As the wood burns in the oven and bakes your pizza, it releases flavor directly into your crust, cheese, and toppings.

Here at Cutting Edge, we provide the best pizza cut cooking wood available. We do this by kiln drying and seasoning our wood for 48 hours, ensuring you receive wood that is easy to light, burns hotter and longer, and is completely clean.

Unlike seasoned wood, Cutting Edge Firewood does not have mold, fungus, or pests in it. You can store it anywhere, and most importantly, you won’t be cooking your pizza over moldy wood.

All of this means that, when you cook pizza with Cutting Edge Firewood, you and your guests will be able to taste the difference.

Getting the temperature right is also important. That’s why we’ve designed our cooking wood to be the perfect size for cooking pizza.

Become a Pizza cooking legend in your neighborhood by choosing our Pizza Cut wood today.

How much wood do I need?

This is a great question, but it really depends on your oven and how much cooking you plan to do! One of our local fire chefs recommends the following: “I usually start the fire with 6 pieces of wood which brings the oven up to temperature in about 30 minutes. Then I simply add 1-2 pieces throughout the cook as needed. Typically I need 12-15 total sticks to cook 10 pizzas.”

Our box of firewood has 20-30 sticks plus 8 pieces of kindling, which means you could cook 20-30 pizzas from a single box. The rack contains about 200 sticks of wood, so you could cook 150-200 pizzas with a single rack.

These numbers are not rules, but recommendations. Your experience, your oven, and the way you cook your pizzas will all affect the amount of wood you need.

Planning to cook a lot of pizza? Then make sure you try out one of our subscriptions – it’s super convenient and you’ll receive significant savings!

Got a Smaller Oven?

If you have a smaller pizza oven like the Ooni Pro or Ooni Karu, then make sure you check out our miniature pizza cut wood! We offer complimentary shipping on this cut of wood and it creates amazing heat and flavor in a small package.

Love Pizza? Try our Exclusive Subscriptions or the Ultimate Package

Did you know that subscriptions are available for our pizza cut cooking wood? It’s the most convenient way to keep your fire experiences going, and it offers substantial savings for local delivery customers. Subscriptions only require a 4 month commitment and come with plenty of great fire experiences. If you are not a local customer, then you will receive the best value from our 16″ Ultimate Package which includes 5 racks of pizza cut, 2 fire starter packages, a box of firewood, and complimentary shipping!

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