Primo Oval XL 400 Ultimate Package (No-Cart)


The Primo Oval XL 400 is the most popular Primo ceramic outdoor cooking grill. The patent oval shape and the largest cooking area available creates a wonderful outdoor cooking experience. This package comes without a cart and is ideal for inserting into a your existing outdoor kitchen space. The Ultimate Package includes everything you could want for years of incredible outdoor cooking experiences, including:

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Why We Love the Primo XL 400 Ultimate Package

There are several things we liked about this Primo package.

First, the Primo XL 400 is a top quality grill. It looks great, cooks well, holds heat, and has a very creative design.  The Primo brand is also made in the USA – as far as we know this is the only ceramic grill with that claim to fame.

Second, we love the size. The XL 400 is big and makes no apologies about it. If you love hosting crowds of people at our home, this grill gives you a lot of flexibility to cook for large groups. Part of the genius, however, is their oval shape and split design. If you’re cooking for just a couple people, you can get the charcoal and cooking chunks going on one side of the grill and leave the other empty.

Third, we love how it is super-flexible. You can cook using direct heat on one side, and indirect heat on the other. You can easily move certain items from indirect heat to direct heat instantly, allowing you to reverse sear like never before.

Lastly, this ultimate package comes fully loaded with everything you need for grilling and smoking with the Primo. We’ve selected our favorite accessories and included them into this unique offering. Each item in this package has been tested by Cutting Edge Firewood team members and has proven to create a better experience! This package is the one – it has it all!

Unboxing the Primo XL 400:


XL 400 Cooking Area: 400 square inches
XL 400 Rack System: 280 square inches
Total Cooking Area: 680 square inches
Cooking Grid: 18.5″ x 25″

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