Cooking Wood for Restaurants

The Best Food Deserves The Best Flavor

Whether you own a restaurant that serves in-house smoked meats and barbecue, or you have a pizza grille right in the kitchen, you know that the wood you use affects the flavor of your food. Your customers expect amazing flavors when they dine with you, so you can’t settle for just any wood.

The best food deserves the best flavor, and the best flavor comes from top quality restaurant cooking wood.

At Cutting Edge Firewood, we provide firewood to restaurants that give all of your dishes amazing flavors. Whatever types of foods you make, you will see a difference with our premium cooking firewood.

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Cutting Edge Firewood Is Your Restaurant Firewood Supplier

When you’re looking for top quality firewood for your restaurant, choose Cutting Edge Firewood. We only select the best quality woods and have worked hard to find the right woods for cooking different types of foods.

We offer a variety of woods that work best for different cooking styles. Chefs use our wood are for cooking pizzas, smoking BBQ, and for grilling. We offer Oak, Hickory, Cherry, and Pecan cooking woods. We even offer a special Pizza Cut wood, specifically designed for pizza ovens.

These time-tested woods are preferred among chefs. To get the best fires for your cooking needs, choose the right woods. We know that when you use commercial firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, you’ll never use another supplier again.

Cutting Edge Cooking Chunks are Perfect for Restaurants 

If your restaurant uses Big Green Eggs, Kamado Joes, or any other kind of kamado grill, then we have great news! Our cooking chunks are the perfect size for adding real wood flavor to any meal. We provide large wood chunks that consistently provide the best flavor. It ignites quickly, provides clear blue smoke, contains no bugs, mold, or fungus, and most importantly, provides amazing flavor!

Our pecan chunks were recently featured in Garden and Gun Magazine. We also ship our cooking chunks across the United States to chefs who want to give their customers a memorable experience. All cooking chunks receive complimentary shipping – we make it easy for you to source the best possible chunks.

Learn more about our cooking chunks now, or see some of the testimonials below.

Chefs are Cooking with Cutting Edge Firewood

Chefs use our top quality firewood to make a variety of sophisticated dishes. With different types of wood and sizes of logs available, you can experiment to find the perfect flavor profiles for everything you make.

Joining industry leading chefs and try our cooking wood for the following dishes:

  • Pizza
  • Ribs
  • Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Fish
  • Steak
  • Chicken and wings
  • Vegetables

Combined with your secret techniques, ingredients and expert skills, our firewood will make your specialty food taste incredible.

Cutting Edge Firewood offers specialty pricing that is exclusive to restaurants. Contact us today to learn more about our restaurant partner program.



I don’t have a fireplace but I love cooking with charcoal and wood. I have an Ooni Karu 12, a PK original, and a PKGO which means I need chunks or mini logs since my cooking devices are small. Received my order of mini pizza wood from Cutting Edge and was ready for football Sunday. I used 2 mini wood pieces in the pizza oven (with charcoal) and had the oven at over 800F within minutes. For the second half, i threw on some wings and brats into the PKGO which was also up to temp with a few charcoal chunks and one mini wood piece.Overall, I am very pleased. Before today and Cutting edge, I was breaking down firewood logs by hand which is some good exercise, but sometimes you just want some good quality wood without the hassle. Cutting Edge definitely delivered. A++
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo
19:38 11 Sep 22
A rare experience. Today, I was lit up by the kindness of a company that creates a great product. I wrote an earlier review saying after one fire I can say amazing wood, expensive but totally worth it if only the huge flood this week had not washed the box away. Today a new box was delivered to me by courier. I didn't ask. It was just given. That is extraordinary. Thank you for a rare kind of considerate customer service that accompanies a product that does what it says. And now back to open wood fire cooking. Wow.
Gayanne Geurin
Gayanne Geurin
22:56 13 Oct 20
This place is my #1 go to for cooking wood, I saw an ad on facebook for them one day when I was in the middle of a cook and figured Id give them a try. My first order was for some 8" maple splits that I order to smoke a couple racks of Lamb ribs they have great prices and when you receive your order it comes in a box that says Cutting edge on it, maybe 3-5 days I recieved a hand written postcard from a gentleman named Leroy Hite who was sending me to tell me how much they appreciated my business! Every since then Ive given them my business for all of my cooking, smoking, and firewood needs 10/10 you guys rock and you have a return customer for life! I live in Michigan and they are in Georgia, they waisted no time getting me my order! I really appreciate you guys!
Troy Bilt
Troy Bilt
18:31 05 Sep 20
Superb experience with every aspect of the company. I ordered the smoking chunks variety pack for my husband's birthday. We have had some delicious food prepped with it on other occasions and we look forward to using our own now. The delivery was expedient (same day as ordered - in December no less) and customer service follow up the same day to boot. We earlier purchased their specially treated firewood and have enjoyed immensely the warmth provided by CE fires with family and friends. FYI, I never realized how nasty the firewood from the grocery store is until I used CE. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that specializes not only in providing superior products, but also in providing superior service. It really is a novelty to have something done correctly the first time, and to have it done with such quality.
Jenny Forester
Jenny Forester
17:10 25 Dec 19
I just wanted to take a minute to share my feedback. First, the quality of the wood is fantastic! Cut and split perfectly and dried to perfection. Second, I screwed up my order and bought the cooking logs instead of the smaller splits. I thought maybe it was something that happened on their end, but no it was me. I called to straighten it out and they offered to ship me two boxes of wood for free! You can't beat customer service like that! I will be buying all of my wood form them. Highly recommend!
Tim Armstrong
Tim Armstrong
02:43 15 Sep 20
Wonderful place, awesome staff! We’ll be getting our cooking wood from here for sure!
Richard Washington
Richard Washington
18:30 20 Aug 19
We ordered the woods chunks to use with our smoker. We decided to try them this Thanksgiving to add some flavor to our smokedturkey! Wow! The taste was amazing and the comments from family were awesome! We will use it ever time we smoke meat!
Barbara Colcord
Barbara Colcord
01:20 18 Dec 19
Cutting Edge might be known for their firewood but their wood chunks for cooking might be even better! The chunks are much cleaner and more solid than anything I've used before, and produce a great smoke flavor on my Big Green Egg cooks. This is an easy way to take my smoked meat to a whole new level.
Tony King
Tony King
19:29 17 Jul 19
Great woods. Kiln dried definitely makes a difference. Strong smoke if you use it with charcoal for cooking. Cleaner burning if you use it for heat.
Dimitrius Weddington
Dimitrius Weddington
17:40 22 Aug 20
Practically the Indiana Jones warehouse of firewood! Can’t wait to start our first fire of the season (oak)... and make some ribs w/the pecan chunks. Thanks KB!
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers
18:17 19 Oct 19

Benefits of Cutting Edge Firewood

Wondering why Cutting Edge Firewood is right for your restaurant? Check out these benefits:

1) Cutting Edge Firewood Has A Longer Burn

Cutting Edge Firewood is specifically treated to produce more heat. Our firewood can last up to 40% longer than seasoned firewood. Our special, kiln dried process also means you can heat up your grill or oven faster than ever before.

You and your employees will waste less time messing with firewood, and have more time for focusing on your customer and their food.

2) We Deliver Firewood to Your Restaurant

When you order firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, we make sure that it arrives when you need it.

If you’re local to the Atlanta and North Atlanta areas, we deliver all of our orders ourselves in our fleet of trucks. Our delivery artisans make sure that each stick of firewood is packed properly and safely so it arrives at your restaurant in pristine condition.

If your location is outside of Atlanta, you can still receive our high-quality restaurant cooking wood at your restaurant. We will work closely with you to choose the right shipping methods so that your order arrives on time and when you need it. All of our Cooking Chunks receive complimentary shipping as well!

3) Cutting Edge Firewood Provides Memorable Flavors

Everyone who visits a restaurant is looking for that special kick of flavor that is unforgettable. Cutting Edge Firewood helps provide that flavor. We take great efforts to select only the best wood, and our kiln dry process ensures our wood provides a clean burn with no pests, fungus, or mold.

When you cook with Cutting Edge Firewood, the flavors of Cherry, Pecan, Oak or Hickory will improve the quality of your food and keep customers coming back for that unforgettable flavor.

4) Clean Wood – No bugs, mold, or fungus

Our superior kiln drying process means we only deliver the cleanest wood. You can safely store your firewood inside and rest assured it won’t bring any pests or mold with it. Not only that, the wood will have a cleaner burn with a much more enjoyable fragrance.

5) Special Restaurant Partner Program

We offer special pricing to restaurants as part of our Restaurant Partner Program. We are all about customer service and building relationships, and we love working with restaurants.

If you’re looking for the best firewood in the area and want to add amazing flavors and texture to your food, contact the experts at Cutting Edge Firewood. We want to help you find the right firewoods for your restaurant and help you decide how frequently you need to restock.

Give us a call at 678-878-2434 or fill out our online form below to learn more.

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